Obnoxious Habitude


Why people tend to “Name drop”?
I have encountered quite a few people who pursue this practice with great elan. It disgusts me…and I believe that it  chafes any listener. Personally I forever run out on such company…..but I always mull over why they do it?…Ok, I ponder on many issues…this being a very recurrent one among them….
Why do they brag ? Is it to glorify oneself…but this form of self-admiration does more harm than good to the person’s repertoire. Rotomontades drives people away and put them off without delay.Do they even sense it or they go about even without realizing this trivial fact? Are they very inferior and unsure of themselves internally?….Is this why they cling for support..Are they troubled people or are they over confident people? What drives this immoderate fanfaronade? Is it for identity since they feel they are a vacuum if they dont vaunt…or Is it the belief that they will be sought-after socially since they rub shoulders with the who’s who? Whatever the reason be….they never fail to turn my stomach…
      All I feel is you are non-existent as “YOU” if you draw the support of others being all the time…and the tried and tested formula for admiration and reverence is to be oneself and to talk distinctively to just about anybody.When people listen and pay attention to you its because of “What you are ” rather than “Whom do you know”…I for sure am one among those who is all ears for simple and characteristic conversationalists…..pompousness and pretentiousness is a major turn off……I loathe it and I decamp from the scene like a shot….


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  1. Honestly, its a huge pet peeve of mine. I don’t like when people brag about who they know or where they’ve been. When will they see that name dropping doesn’t make them special it just makes them look pretentious

    Yeah, honestly….do they even realise that they are ridiculed once they are off the scene…they are so unwanted anywhere..

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