Nostalgic & Jubilated


This post kept me pondering….sired a nostalgic tour…..and I cudgeled my brain for onetime.
We all lead a kingly life as long as we live with parents… our halycon years…where we eat whatever we want, how much ever we want and whenever we I wonder what did my mom ever eat….she always sacrificed her share whenever we liked something…we all have favourites… she sure has a few of her own too…certainly…everyone does…but never asked for them….she always had leftovers….truly,god made mom since he can’t be present all the time.Mother’s love is always strong and will forever shine..
                Love one shares in a marriage is yet another form….where we mutually sacrifice for that elated sensation sharing brings…I am more than happy when S savors and devours my favourite dish.I feel gratified beyond measure and  My heart goes hmm..hmmm…hmmm
Marriage does bring in quite many  changes in subroutines and asks out sweet sacrifices from both the people in the relationship….but I say with profound confidence that I am currently undergoing placidness similar to what my mom experiences…I cant claim its the same since am not a mother yet, hence would not be the right person to compare…but it sure is “tranquil contentment”.


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  1. I totally agree with you dear.The article was so touching that, I can feel tears rolling out of my eyes.. nothing can one can replace them.. (and last but not the least.. your dishes are out of the world… hmm dam.. I am eagerly waiting for tonights dinner …:P)

  2. What a lovely way of describing sacrifice for someone else’s benefit.

    When we are so content with watching another’s reaction to something that we’ve made or given them, it negates the need (sometimes) for us to have our own. That’s probably why your mom was willing to give up some of her favourites to you, because watching you enjoy it was just as satisfying for her as if she had eaten it herself.

    Thanks for the compliment ..yeah now I understand my mom’s emotions ..and feel blessed.. 🙂

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