Am still at work,aching to break into an impromptu jig right now…at this very second..but since that doesn’t seem viable( I have to come back tomorrow and face my colleagues)…my heart is singing, dancing,rolling in ecstasy…and am happy…happy for no reason….oh ok, apparently there is a reason….there is an unexpected spell, its raining cats and dogs outside…am a true blue water lover….am its esoteric child….and Varun’s (rain god) visit today is exceptionally special since he decided to drop by when he is least anticipated.Such sweet precipitating advents of his pave way for the best of my moods…they sooth me, cleanse my soul and elevate me……Ooh La laa la laa la laa laa…..


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  1. I wish we could have some rain! My husband’s going to scold me tonight because I haven’t watered the garden…

    Oh, Honey, how I wish I could send you some rain…

  2. Trust me.. even I am elated with this spell.
    And guess what.. these are the first showers of us in this place.. and people say.. it is worth experiencing it in Vizag. 🙂

    Yeah, they are our first….lovely aint it 🙂

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