“Healthy you Challenge” Week 1


This is my first week after I took up this challenge and am extremely glad I did.It feels wonderful..all your support and warm words please me immensely….am truly delighted….if exercise is physical well being …all the love that comes from each one of you does wonders in the mind…Thank you one and all for everything….else I would have pushed off into an oblivion and grown unresponsive….and all this couldn’t have happened without S, my husband, my anchor.

As you all know,S and I had started exercising and enrolled ourselves in an aerobics studio…and we have completed 7 hours of training till now.

And the verdict : I lost   1 Kg ( 2.2 pounds )    Woohoo…..my first step….

I didn’t check-in the post on tuesday since I wanted to weigh in…and since we dont have a scale at home ( we dont intend to have one too, it gets addictive), I had to wait for today’s morning session and I weighed in at the studio…..
I expected to have lost a couple of kgs but the scale revealed only one. But it still feels good….my estimate of a couple of kgs is because I have been feeling extremely light…So I thought I would have lost quite some weight…..
Anyways…something is better than nothing especially for a beginner like me….it keeps up the joyous spirit and motivates me to carry on.

Diet wise…we have been eating healthy as usual..and we now watch the portions too

Breakfast : Cornflakes with milk and fruit
Lunch      :  rice and vegetables/lentils, plain youghurt
Snack      : Carrots
Dinner     : Phulka with vegetables ( we want to replace this with wholesome soup) and buttermilk

..but Offlate I realised I also need to keep a check on my carbohyrate intake…so I will twist these a little for the coming week..
And coming to Non-scale victories, S and I are having a rollicking time reckoning them. Its a beautiful period…where in we notice those little changes in each other, complement,feel tickled…and are prodigiously happy and delighted for each other.
      Few of our NSV’s  🙂 :

  •  My collar bones slowly and shyly  debuting after a long exile
  •  My clothes fit me much better compared to what they used to
  •  The twinkle in my eye and the pink cheeks after I work out
  •  S and I feeling energetic and concentrated throughout the day
  •  S’s tapering cheeks….he’s always full of life and is a stunner…Love you S
  •  And I just love my stable shoulders…their droopy days are now history.

Hope each one of you had a great week…doesn’t necessarily have to be related with weight-loss…after all we have jumped on the bandwagon with zest and vigour, and success is sure to come soon to each one of us and there is no looking back….Happy working out ! Folks.


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  2. Well done on losing 1kg! Especially since you started exercising. You are both doing great and I look forward to following your journey.

    Have a great week, in all areas of your life!

  3. Your post almost brought me to tears! It’s such a beautiful thing to think of you and S exploring this change and finding your way together! I’m so excited for you both!

  4. I have to confess this, not only we work out 2gether in the studio .. after that.. once we are back home.. my wife does not ask me to do anything.. poor thing she tries managing things on her own.. for which should I say I am lucky.. or should I feel sad that she does not let me do any work… .

    Rupa, I love you very much.
    I am so proud and happy to be your husband.. thanks a lot for everything… you have been my motivation.. my support.. my everything.. Love you everything… (please take care of your health aswell… and let me do some work as well…though I screw up things.. most of the time.. but shall learn eventually…hny 🙂


  5. Congratulations on your successes this week! I’m enjoying checking out your blog and I’m really glad you’re one of my fellow challengers.

    Thank you ! your blog is a great read too…and the subtle humour is oh so enjoyable…glad to be with you on the challenge 🙂

  6. What a great job. I love your post. It’s inspirational.

    Thanks, cindy…even your newletters and posts are awesome 🙂

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