Feeling BIG !


I arrived at Lorelle’s blog from laksh’s post and this challenge seemed entertaining.
I decided to take up both the options…come on, one doesn’t come across an invited opportunity to brag about oneself everyday….

Option 1 : About the moment when I felt “Big”
These little victories always make me feel “Big”.Though that single big moment is yet to arrive….

1. I was all agog when I graduated from university with highest scores ever given for a master’s thesis and an offering for Ph.d from Cambrige was a truly prestigious moment for me.
2. When S and I got married and also everytime when S praises my culinary skills.He strongly feels I need to consider restaurating as an  alternative profession…and then I blush till eternity.
3. Whenever my mom calls me.
4. When I read something notable and marvelous.
5. My first job and the appreciation I earned.
6. When job seekers( mostly freshers)come to me for advise.
7. When somebody drops a comment on my post…its a truly delirious feeling to be read.
8. And today when my aerobic instructor wanted me for a photoshoot ( a local magazine is featuring our studio)
   I felt on top of the world…woohoo
9. When clothes I really like fit me to the T and also make me look good.

These little things make up life…isn’t it ?

Option 2 : About What it Would Look Like If You Were “Big”

       I dream earnestly about making it “Big”(the single moment along with little victories). “Big” for me is not to be rich or famous…I would consider myself “Big” when I shall teach at a university,become a consultant,a writer,an  environmentalist,and also a successful homemaker…..I always dream “Big” and I sincerely believe that dreams are inspired by our intuitive consciousness.


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