Conjugal treats


5 months ago…on this very same day S and I tied the knot and honestly life is eminently blissful eversince…
I am a total sucker for birthdays and anniversaries…I get super excited about them …..Infact I was more excited on S’s birthday than he himself was….this happens all the time …….
Today is extra distinguished since it marks our 5th month of marriage and S’s b’day falls on a 5th too ( date wise).. this coexistence makes me as happy as a clam at high tide……Am a silly moonstruck loony 🙂
Thus, 5 is very especial to me…..Love you S !


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  1. I love you too hny,
    Better late than never.. I am really very sorry for each and every silly mistake of mine.. which made yo u cry and sad… I promise I shall not repeat any of them … 😦 please.. don’t be sad…

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