Resilience pays (though in meagre amounts)


Yesterday night Ms.BilkisBanu was on national television being interviewed by BarkhaDutt. Ms.Banu said that she won a landmark judgement but the battle has just begun. The tragedy,trauma and suffering which she beared all these 6 years can never ever be put into words. She won because of her sheer grit and resilience, which came shining through even during the interview.She answered dignified and composed, yet no one can miss the intermittent pain in her wounded eyes.My heart sank…and I really wanted to do something that could make life better for her, if I could do any?
What ‘s commendable is her husband’s unconditional support and love for her. He truly deserves praise and mention for living upto the word “Husband”. How many men do that? Stand upto their woman when crisis and unmanageable tragedy strikes…
Am sure she wouldn’t have achieved this small token of justice without him…society would have doomed and led her to a tragic end…which is what happens when the victim inquestion is an infamous small town uneducated Indian citizen.  Compassion isn’t our virtue. We suck.
It feels glad to know that some justice came your way Ms.Banu…though I have long back stopped believing that any justice still lingers in our society.I admire you and am proud of you, your resilence,strength of character….you surely are a pioneer woman…and a trendsetter to many woman out there who are suffering in silence. And truly a living legend……


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