Healthy me ( coming soon)


Am on the “Healthy you 2008 challenge” blogroll now. I feel good…dont know why but it feels nice that am a part of the big picture…with many cyber friends who are on the same boat as me…
This will be my first check-in post….a good way to start it all is by introducing myself.

Hey Folks Welcome,
Rupa here and I come from India and earn a living by writing and testing software. I married my sweetheart S, 5 months ago . …S who loves and supports me unconditionally in all ways and always. Am extremely glad to have found him …
I got back to exercising after a 2 year hiatus…an attempt to knock of the 11 extra kilos that I accumulated..
I think in kilos..not pounds…sorry updates will be in kilograms too….
I and my husband S had recently (3 days ago)enrolled ourselves at an aerobics studio and are working our way to get fit…
We work out every morning for an hour with our trainer…Today morning it was a weights session…and seemed quite intensive for beginners like us…Our muscles have been groaning in pain since then…but thats expected. I am a lacto-vegetarian and try to cook and eat healthy all the time…honestly, I cook to impress S 🙂 ; S, I really love you and thank you for being my pillar of strength throughout…
And  all you guys,do wish me hardwork and luck in this weight loss journey…

After much deliberation during the weekend…S and I had come up with this rewards list ( great concept by scale junkie)  … my treats when I lose the 11 kgs weight…..

First 4 : We decided to go impulsive….just go out buy whatever fancies me and celebrate( of course not with food).

Second 4 : A camera…not yet zeroed in which one…I’d love this…

Third 4: We felt 4 would be better…instead of the 3….but 3 would be just fine too….when I reach here…there will be great  new clothes to compliment my body and we also wish to set out on a romantic trip to Goa…and have a great holiday……

♥ And then here is my all time goal ….to fit into my 2 year old favourite Esprit cargos…I simply love them…If its not for them I  surely would have become complacent with my weight….they provoke me to put them on so that they are rescued from perishing….
Am eagerly looking forward for all these. 🙂


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  1. Welcome to the Healthy You Challenge!!! Best wishes to you in reaching all your goals!! Its going to be a GREAT year!!

    Have a SUPER day!!


  2. Hny, I am always with you.
    Want to be with you on the resorts of Goa…and I am sure you shall do it.. or rather 2gether we shall do it.. I am always with you

  3. Welcome Rupa! (and S!) I remember my first session with a trainer and wondering if she understood the part where I told her I didn’t know how to exercise. 🙂 It will get better, I promise, and you will feel so great with your newfound strength! Good luck!

  4. Felicia : Thanks for the warm and lovely words 🙂

    Siva : love you for everything 🙂

    Mary : Am waiting for the treats….thanks for the kind words. 🙂

    Grubby hair : thanks….and yeah hubby willing makes it so special. 🙂

    Chubby chick : thanks and pleasure to meet you too 🙂

    Cammy : Thanks ( from S too ) and as you said its certainly getting better…and the trainer encounter is fun :)…but I guess they meet so many of us daily…they get used to such annotations…am sure they understand…

  5. There you go!! hny, that’s like a booster for you!!! Thanks one and all for supporting my wife 🙂

  6. WOW what a great introduction! I think its wonderful that your husband works out with you. It makes it so much easier when you both have the same goals in mind.

    Your reward goals sound great! I always had a hard time thinking of how to reward myself but now that I’ve put things down in writing, it really helps that I have something else to work for in addition to better health.

    I just checked and 11 kilos are equal to about 24 pounds for anyone else who was curious.

    Welcome to the challenge!!!

  7. Carleen : thanks for dropping by….looking forward to know you all…

    Diana : Hey Diana,

    Thanks for those lovely and warm words….and let me congratulate you…you are doing a
    splendid job with this challenge…kudos to does feel fabulous to have my husband working out with me…its very motivating…
    yeah, rewards are frostings on the cake…a treat for ourselves…a great bonus 🙂

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