Good times


Many a times seemingly trivial things in life bring utmost satisfaction ,happiness and comfort.
My last weekend was full of such stuff. We haven’t done anything adventurous..but am  basking in its after effects.
Its been a simple and quiet weekend. We did the basic necessary weekend stuff….bought groceries from many stores (every store doesn’t have all what you want here)..went shopping for fruit and vegetables..mostly ate at home except for a terrible and disastrous lunch on saturday at an awful restaurant.
The only deviation from normalcy is my successful completion of the long pending visit to the beautician…and an evening out at the beach.
I had been contemplating what made me so happy about this evidently simple routine…its about doing all these with S…its about spending constructive time with him..its having my precious pixie all for myself…
Though we work at the same place ,travel together ….one can’t truly address them as “Together times” and by the time we are home we are exhausted,tired and bone dead…
But this weekend it was different….we did every little thing together…and having him around all the time all to myself is a real treat….am jubilated beyond belief and am blushing while typing this too….
This weekend will go down memory lane as the king of good times and will be etched in my heart forever…


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  1. I am really very touched reading it.. and trust me when I say this ” I am blushing as well”..
    And trust me again when I say, hny this is only the beginning…. there is more to come…

    Needless to say.. I throughly enjoyed each and every moment we spent 2gether.. (and even that terrible lunch we had at the disgusting place.. ) it is some thing we can never forget aswell… (should I say it was a scare crow for the Good Times we had in the weekend)

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