Insane Idiosyncracies


We Indians have a profound expertise at asking personal questions. The concept of personal space doesn’t appeal at all… Intervention into privacy is a prerogative…after all they are concerned about you and care for you (huh)…unwanted friendly neighbours…who just dont let you be… am sick of it…

After S and I moved to Vizag we  are constantly annoyed with these overtly friendly people who meddle and bother too much about us. Many a times we yearn to reply sardonically but then we stop ourselves… our social deportment doesn’t agree with that…….and we flee from the scene as fast as we can…but this attitude nevertheless irks us.

  • The house we rented is segmented into many small divisions and each of it is individually rented out. One of our co-tenant one day  was exchanging pleasantries with me and has already done a bit of research. She already knows that I work (and this was on the 1st day we shifted )…I was quite amused…and she suddenly questions me “So, why do you work? ” yes, you got it right…she asked me that. I have never ever heard something like that…”Where do you work ?” is sensible but “Why do you work?”…..lawsie mercy…what crap is that…I didn’t know what to say ( didn’t want to be hurtful) and left unanswered…but am sure I can never forget this…”why do I work” ….its my identity..its my life..I kept pondering “what else would I do if I didn’t work” For me its a way of life…..Oh lady…you would never understand nor experience the liberation it brings …..I indeed pity you.
  • We went to pay this month’s rent to out landlady and she hurriedly inquires “So, what did you guys buy this month?”Holy lord…Insanity at its zenith…we fled without looking back…
  • We have a even more demented landlord ( made for each other ). S and I ran into him one fact the only time we ever met him…he was interrogation personified…he quickly queries S “Are you guys Muslims?” …I admit there isn’t anything folly about the question…but then he quickly adds to it saying “I got a doubt since you guys are fair skinned” …..even before we could react to that lunacy he starts his rapid fire round…his next query “Why haven’t you guys bought a car yet, you both are software engineers? and What are you guys doing here ? You should be in America” Holy shit…this was getting too much for us to take …We just wanted to abscond since we were worried we would also be psyched if we stayed any longer…and then came the next one from him. He asks S  “Are you 34?” Now I confirm that he is mentally ill….else who in his senses would ask something like that ….and why 34??? ….. S answered saying “No” and the landlord quickly quizzes “So how old are you?” and we ran as fast as we could…. so much for the  5 minutes of conversation….that man is dangerous….
  • We buy our groceries from the store across our street and he also delivers them home. One day we informed the grocer to deliver stuff within 30 minutes since we wont be home after that…he inquisitively questions  “Is it only both of you…doesn’t anybody else stay at home?”  Oh, god…enough of this crap…..this city is deranged.

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  1. I totally agree with you.
    All the people in vizag are weirdos, I might have done some sins in my past life that I am suffering here in this dam F@#%#%@ place.. dam there is not even a single day/hour/min/sec.. that I can’t keep myself off from cursing this place.. so much so for the title “city of destiny” .. rather it is a “city with full of dangerous bast%$#%$” …. I am sorry but can’t stop myself.. the city sucks…

  2. I beg to differ!!! Not all people in Vizag are what you say they are!! This is very offensive! For that matter, you come across such people everywhere, why only in Vizag, you would find them in your hometown too!!! But why do I bother commenting on your stupid thoughts!! And yes, you both are so made for each other!
    Great going!

    Hey, No offense meant…these are my experiences..nothing against vizag…I made very dear friends here…I know such people exist everywhere, its just that I encountered them here….and I never mentioned that all people are such….

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