Woebegone ME


I have been feeling miserable…..miserable to the extent that I do not even prefer to venture out anywhere…this isn’t something that was born over night..I guess it gradually seeped into me……made me weak, objectionable ,heavy-hearted and finally I unwant myself… I till date couldn’t muster up the courage to say it publicly online…the object in question is my “Weight” …which is a gloomy fact…I piled on uninvited calories …and blame myself for not being watchful…after all I did this to myself…

2007 has been a great year for me…this year presented S, my dear husband to me…and life has never been the same… I should have earned heaps and bounds of good karma in my previous lives to have him…he is my support system…and loves me in all my moods and encourages me unconditionally. When he declares that he loves me always and in all ways , I know that they come straight from his heart…honestly and sincerely.

And my downheartedness bothers and hurts him…Sorry S, even in my weirdest dreams I wouldn’t want to see you cheerless let alone harm you..this mode of mine isn’t anything because of you…you are the real sweetheart and will always be.

And, one day S and I pronounced enough is enough. We resolved that its high time to put and end to this snit and enrolled ourselves at an aerobics studio. Today happened to be the first session. We quite liked it…though we didn’t have any expectations from the place ( we live in Vizag , what more can I say). Throughout the workout, S and I were  silently cursing for gifting ourselves these stacks of unwanted calories.And we savored the popular lesson “Eat sensibly” bitterly today  …we are usually healthy eaters but down the lane we lost track and gobbled anything that came first whenever hunger pangs striked ,without any fore thought. I have already started feeling better and all the credit goes to S, my forever darling.

Co-incidentally today I came across this blog and felt quite liberated and wanted after reading it …..since a lot many people out there are fighting the same ill…and decided to take up the “HealthyYouChallenge 2008” . It seemed very apt and the battle starts from today.

What also attracted me immensely is the rewards and goal setting concept by scale junkie. What a stupendous modus operandi to accolade one’s own accomplishments . Am all game for this honorarium. I will be back with my personal reward plan after powwowing over the weekend with S. Am fully dysfunctional and would go astray without him and his opinion is indispensable. Always.

So join me and be my chum in this journey while I sweat it out and slowly peregrinate into a new me ( a me whom I had always beheld)

Wish me folks !


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  1. Whole heartedly I wish you darling.. you shall become what you have been wishing to be.. very soon.. and I shall leave no stone unturned till we reach the goal…

    forever with you.. hny

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