A Delectable Dinner


As a child I loathed food….my mom experienced harrowing times since I would be laid up annoyingly often…because of this unreasonable hatred towards food. I still do not understand what put me off it and why I despised it so much ……till one day  when I was pathetically ill, painstakingly thin….and horribly anaemic…..It continued till I passed my teens…this frequent malady took its toll …it bloody sucked my life..and after frequent doctor visits…. I realised (thank god and thank mom)that the only secret to general well-being is to eat and to eat healthy ..:)

Slowly and reluctantly I then started trying out different foods ….and over a period of time I actually started relishing food…..and this phase just grew…..and I ventured into tasting new and fancy stuff and I today feel contended that I did it. I now try every veggie dish of each and every cuisine atleast once and food has been growing on me ever since. Today I relish both Daal and Ravioli or even  a salad and dessert with equal gusto.

This esculent fondness paved the way to many restaurant excursions. Now I eagerly look forward for my meals and am pink in health too. And eating out has a whole new meaning now….

During one of these trips with friends I dined at Fusion 9, Hyderabad and since then I propound it extensively to every body who is on the look out for wine and dine . It is a very trendy eating place which serves top-notch food. I just love it..and  always chaperone my guests to this tempting eatery which I avouch as a must try for all…It is one of those very few places in Hyderabad which  pampers you with truly international  varieties and also lives up to its reputation. It serves 9 different cuisines…..and I love them all…and eating there is quite an experience..makes me feel real good…and they also have a live band playing jazz on friday’s …

We had been there last weekend and this time too I left the place longing for more…I and S went all mexican this time and the food was out of the world…I relished my mushroom quesadilla’s till the last bite. S’s uncle said that this is one of his best meals…and I gleamed. S tried a chocholate sampler for dessert and quite liked it… and I chose coffee to round it off, which I always do..they ground really really great coffee here..Do try it when you are there next time…and trust me….it is  a phenomenal way to end the marvelous meal.

I am yet to savor their sunday brunch which claims to the best in town….and going by their culinary repertoire I harmonize it and am eagerly looking forward for it…


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  1. Hmm undoubtedly the dinner was awesome.. needless to say about the ambiance aswell… Should I say that was the beginning of the food mania I am about to dive into…
    Coz, until that evening.. I haven’t tried anything like that.. hmm it was a kinda different and yeah honestly very nice.. want to really get into this Food Mania… (yeah considering .. the slowly but dangerously ever growing my Belly… hehe)
    All thanks to my dearest darling Rupa, for making me taste, savior, enjoy different tastes of life… love you hny…

    By the way when are we going out for Dinner again? (lol)

  2. How about the pricing and the cuisine? What did you like the most that I can also try?

    Pricing is quite steep..when compared to other places…cuisine is too good…you get 9 different cuisines…hence, Fusion9…you can try anything…I have never been let down…be it mexican, italian,thai,indian,etc….. its always a good experience..

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