The Tiny Tata



Today morning we attentively and excitedly watched Mr.Ratan Tata unveil his Rupees one lakh dream car. Aptly christened “Nano” , I instantly took to its name and cuteness. This baby is a real stunner. I can’t stop myself from drooling over its cutish face…as if its straight out of a fairy tale…its cute to the power of infinity…, there I said it again…its cute , cute and cute….S promised me to buy one…though I dont really need it..he’s a sweetheart…the way he backs me in everything I aspire for..a real sweetheart. :)….

This car has stirred quite a furore not only in the automobile industry but also among the billion Indians who had been eagerly awaiting its form…Many a debates originated and discussions were conceptualized on its pros and cons. It created a distinctive space for itself because of its competent pricing (apparently, its the cheapest in the world) and it coming from the stables of the Tata’s added a lot of credibilty too. I do not want to discuss on what makes Nano good or why is Nano bad, I pride on the Tata’s since their car gives shape to one of the highest  fantasies of the price sensitive Indian middle class , “Owning a car” is always a distant dream for the millions of average Indians. This car knocks their doors, unleashes their dreams and indulges their cravings.

While one needs to wait and watch what the future holds for Nano…whether it will live up to its expectations of a people’s car…it seduced a very promising start and that is battle half won.

Mr.Tata, you have yet again showed the world we can do it and walked the road less travelled; Congratulations and kudos to you and the team, yet another feather in the cap. 


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