Hubby B’day and a gourmet weekend


The first week of any new year will always be special to me since it will bring in S’s b’day. This year it happened to be a weekend (5th Jan) and we were home. The day was quite exciting, more to me rather than S.
I could also say it was a gourmet weekend since we ate quite heartily and enjoyed every morsel during the 2 days. In fact I feel quite full now too. Even after complete 24 hrs…the effect relishing food and a warm family has on you….is incredible.
I had reserved a table well ahead at Angeethi , this place always makes me happy…they offer some of the most delicious and satisfying authentic punjabi food.
5th Jan: We had a lovely and simple homemade lunch of Pulihora (Tamarind rice), fruit custard and Anna Paramannam (jaggery sweet rice pudding) and a helping of egg less butterscotch cake (surprise from S’s sister)..The lunch was planned to be simple since we (S’s parents, S’s lovely uncle , S and I) were going to dine out.
As I already said Angeethi serves lip-smacking food…a special mention and applause is also needed for its service and rustic ambience. Right from reserving a table to bringing in a cake for us ( I wished for an eggless Butterscotch cake – yeah one more, quite a co-incidence). They all the way ordered, and picked up the cake for us (they don’t have a bakery). That’s very sweet and impressive. And as soon as we stepped in we were comfortably seated and they brought the cake and played a happy b’day song….S was totally surprised and happy too. He didn’t expect it at all….and I was elated.
And the cake tasted divine…really divine…very well made. And we enjoyed the whole experience, their service and food. A very well spent evening indeed.
And when I offered to pay them for the cake they refused saying that it’s a gift for their guest. This totally shocked and amazed me……they offering to bring it in itself was very humbling…and now this was a real icing on the cake….and we were again bowled over by their service. No wonder its one of the top money-grossing restaurants in Hyd. It truly deserves to be one. And we brought the cake back home too. Yeah, We had the cake and ate it too….:)
6th Jan: I had a generous breakfast comprising of the butterscotch cake…can’t have enough of it…and we had a very yummy home-made lunch and an evening snack from McDonald’s ( after quite a while…we all loved it) and then I had finally rounded off with …..My perennial favorite, Avakkai Annan ( Pickled rice) for dinner.. Could there be a better way to conclude this 2 day culinary journey?


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  1. Pandu, I was completely bowled over by your surprise.. wish I could do something like this for me when I say this.. that I had the best b’day of all.. everything was just perfect… Thank you very much pandu.. for the wonderful treat … love you dear

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