It shook me …utterly …beyond speech.
This was the effect “taarezameenpar” had on me and also on my husband S.
Aamir, proved to be incredible, yet again. Oh my lawsie mercy, how real the movie seemed! I had been quite a fan of Aamirkhan since childhood…..always felt he was versatile, with-in the confines of commercial cinema, but this one, also directed by him shows the world that he is quite a creative genius. The sensitivity with which he dealt the script is amazing and I had been overwhelmed by the young protagonist Darsheel safary ( Ishaan Awasti). You were truly wonderful Mr.Darsheel and my heart went out for you in the movie.
Emotions poured out in gallons… and though S tried to appear sophisticated,hiding the lump in his throat….it didn’t last long…there were times during the movie when I wanted to jump into the scene and help the young boy get back home, to his secure zone. Be his messiah.
It’s an awesome movie and a real masterpiece from Aamir. Kudos Aamir. And I recommend all of you guys to watch it. It gives out a social message very subtly yet strongly and realistically and forces one to speculate even if one doesn’t want to. And the boy is cute, cute, cute, and cute and …cute.
Did I say the boy was CUTE….!
Truly worth watching and well-deserving ! We both are still lurking in its aftereffects.
And I want to give a special mention to its title song/animation. Very sweet and well made. And thoroughly enjoyed by S to the optimum..Did I tell you my man has a soft corner…no not a corner..a large room in his heart for animated movies and cartoons. And did I tell you I find him irresistibly cute when he is busy watching one of those. He is quite a sight then…

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  1. Baby, I agree with each and every word of yours in the blog.

    The title song is like ever ever lasting.. dam dam touching. Truly since like ages saw a wonderful movie like this. Have seen quite a sentimental movies off-late, but this movie is like no comparison. It stands Tall from the rest of the crap. Awesome awesome movie… would you mind watching that movie again. 🙂

  2. although the rest of the post has me nodding in accordance, the one thing that made me smile (and blush a lil) was the last para…It is really sweet that you notice lil things like that! You guys are wonderful together! I donno how valid it is for me (as an almost stranger),to say it, but im sure further acquaintance shall only bolster my thots!for linguistic limitations i shall make use of “masha’allah!” to describe your pair!

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