Meme …..the fantastic four !!


Meme time for me…don’t know from which blog I picked this from…hope you guys enjoy reading it… and anybody can pick it up from here and tag themselves…happy writing…

Four Places I’ve Lived:
1) Hyderabad, India
2) Coimbatore, India
3) Copenhagen, Denmark
4) Vishakapatnam, India ( Infact will be living here soon, from 1st week of december)

Four Jobs I’ve Had:
1) An assistant cook at an Italian restaurant, Valentino in Copenhagen ( But just for a day…still loved it)
2) Business and test analyst at Resultmaker, Copenhagen
3) QA engineer at Progress, India
4) QA lead from next week at NCR

Four Favorite Places I’ve Holidayed:
I’ve traveled to quite a few places in Europe for both personal and professional reasons.
And also to the Middle East.
1) Quite extensively traveled over Germany. Bonn, Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart, Reutlingen, Wurzburg, Duisburg, Wuppertal etc
2) Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and of course Denmark where I lived and holidayed whenever I could find time. It’s so beautiful.
3) Dubai and Doha.
4) Kerala( loved it), Vishakapatnam and many more.
There will be many more soon since both my Husband and I love traveling.

Four Favorite Foods:
Now, this is the toughest! Love anything my mom and mother-in-law make and all these too
1) Daal-roti-chawal-sabji…anyday..and anything made well with fresh veggies and fruits…lemon…coriander…am a total health freak…that way…
2) I go nuts over fruit yoghurt and fresh juice,..milk based drinks.. Tender coconut water and Nimbupani.
3) Hyderabadi Biryani with Mirchi ka salan, raitha and Double ka meetha.
4) Soups….Pasta…salads…lettuce with white dressing…cheese,Bread…cakes…Coffee ..Sandwich…one pot meals… (I go bonkers over all these)…Talk of Comfort food….

Four Places I’d Rather Be:
Previously I was way too attached to Hyderabad…it was my life still is…but now after lots of traveling…and living away from home….I feel that everyplace is good…and has something new and exciting to offer …so now I wouldn’t mind living anywhere in the world…am sure I will start celebrating the best traits of any place I would live.
So I look forward to living in different places…and would love to live all over the world but would want to come back to Apna Hyderabad….finally
1) Anywhere in the world with my family besides me.…and in particular which my husband loves.
2) Copenhagen, yeah I love it. My second home.
3) Far-east
4) Anyplace in India.
Basically any new place excites me….And I love the learning process involved…new people. new cultures… different cuisines…and lot more exciting things.


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