Still with blogger and The new shahrukh


I haven’t yet moved to wordpress, just taking time or should I say passing my time doing those mundane chores one is expected to do everyday. Been wanting to write, there was time too, but last week were the days when I just didn’t feel motivated enough to do it. I keep writing mentally but somehow was blocked when it came to typing it… actually many a times it so happens that I suddenly wake up during nights and immediately write something (mentally though ). There is so much that’s written in my mind already that I feel I really have to type it soon and unwind. And need to make space for future writings too. So I guess the move to word press is going to take a while… And I haven’t yet figured out how to move my existing posts to wordpress….
Other than that its been quite an eventful week…till now.. Major changes at office, personal life too is going fine….though turbulent its moving slowly in the preferred direction.. And the count down has actually begun. Hmmm.I am eagerly looking forward for the weekend. Off late weekends were emotionally hectic, but this week, the plan is to watch a movie, eat out, basically just relax, to just be yourself and let hair down. Should see how far it will be fruitful.
I had just watched the promos of “ Chak De” . It seemed interesting, especially for a shahrukh movie. After a long time I felt he actually is looking like a man. Ok, all those shahrukh fans , sorry, I don’t hold any grudges against him, but that’s my opinion. Since a long time he looked terribly stupid in all those senseless chopra/johar glossies. He was the best in DDLJ, agree but too many clones followed. Enough of LOVE shahrukh, its time to move on. And we are happy to see that. Personally I feel he was hugely miscast in many of them. Agreed that he looks romantic but too much is also no good. He can do better roles now, given his amazing screen presence and charisma. After all variety is the spice of life…..


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