Jeg Savner Dig


Never ever did I think I would say this. I missed India terribly while I was in Copenhagen. I longed to get back home. No no, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t happy in Denmark. I loved it. But I wanted to be home. I always argued with my friends that once I get back to Hyderabad I would never miss Copenhagen. I would always cherish the memories, treasure the friends I made during my 3 –year sojourn but would never miss it.How terribly wrong I was? What I didn’t realize was that Copenhagen had already become my second home (home away from home). After all this is the place which gave me independence in true sense (though I lived in hostels earlier in India it was very different), it gave me the master’s that I always dreamt of, my first job, taught me the responsibility of running a home all alone, pay bills, exploration of my culinary skills (till then I never even dreamt that I can cook even reasonably well), and the most important one, my first pay cheque. All through these accomplishments I met some of the most wonderful people, made friends for life and had loads of fun. I consider nothing short of a transformation had happened to me there. I had changed so much (for good). All my friends also vouch for that. And I quite like myself too for that.
I also admit that I had my share of difficult times there but those taught me LIFE.

I loved my university. It was so much fun at school and I did some serious learning too.It was a treasure trove of knowledge, the teachers, facilities, and library. Any one associated with ITU would agree with me. I don’t deny that I did hate assignments, deadlines, come on who doesn’t? But it’s a part of package of being a student. Ain’t it?And slowly even they seemed fun. When you have such lovely and ever helpful people around you forget that you are studying and working. And I had a heavy heart when I had to leave school after my graduation.Nevertheless, even while I was leaving it gave me the golden opportunity to pursue a PHD at Cambridge (ITU and Cambridge are jointly collaborating in my area of study and I was chosen to continue my association with them). Though I didn’t accept the offer, being offered such an opportunity made me feel so good about myself.Thanks, Thomas. All the credit goes to you and Jan ( my boss at Resultmaker and now a great friend) for instilling that confidence in me, for supporting me all through and for that immense trust in me ( I didn’t have it on myself way back then). It was you guys who believed in me and got me going.

It gave me Confidence, a virtue which I owned in very meagre quantities until Copenhagen happened. Trust me, it didn’t come easy. I had my own generous share of bad days, days where I felt extremely lonely and wanted to run away and get back to the warm comfort of home. Especially the weather in Copenhagen, hah those never ending Scandinavian winters, all snowy, gloomy and dark. And to top it all, to return to an empty home day in and day out does take its toll emotionally. It did. To come back home, not have anyone to share your day with, no warm food, that biting cold.Hmm. Most of the times, I longed to talk to a person, sometimes to any person. Of course there was the telephone but how much can one talk on it, one can’t see, feel the warmth, experience the emotions and expressions of being with a human. Many a times I wanted to have conversations, real conversations. But slowly I started adjusting to this too. Survival of the fittest (I had to be one).
Today I can bravely say that, I wouldn’t hesitate living in any part of the world if need arises. Of course I would miss home, am too deep rooted in Hyderabad, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy living in a new place.
But nevertheless, I had some of the best experiences of my life. Especially after Resultmaker I felt life is sometimes really a roller-coaster ride. I would have to write few detailed blogs to describe those fun times. Else this one would get too long.
All in all, Copenhagen, I miss you ………. ( “Jeg Savner Dig = I miss you “in Danish)
I believe its coz of all those wonderful people I met there I say this. Else what’s in a city??Isn’t it? People maketh a place lovable………
Guess am getting very nostalgic….


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