Rain festival begins


Rain Rain go away
Come again another day
Little Johnny wants to play

When I was a kid I often wondered why one can’t play when there’s rain. I would totally freak out during rains though that meant bashings from my mom. I made sure I had total fun. My mom still reminds me of those good old days, when she would get me all dressed up ( clean and neat) and I would immediately get out and get drenched or make paper boats and play in the muddy rain water (in case if it stopped raining). And I did it all day, how much ever my mom restricted me. I still love the rains, though I now celebrate them in a different way. Infact I love water, am a total water baby. Water soothes me, relaxes and rejuvenates me.
For me it’s the most romantic season. I especially love when it rains for 2-3 days non-stop (yeah am insane J ) during those low pressure times. I love everything around when it rains, the green earth, the traffic (yeah you read it right), the hazy lights, the coffee.For me rain is a companion. I feel there is somebody around even when I’m alone (during rains). I love snuggling in comfort and reading a book, would love to watch a movie all covered up in a warm razai, be at home with family, the list goes on. But I would totally cherish cooking a warm meal (hah, there I am again, back to it).
But am also aware that the same season is very painful for a lot of our country men, and also those street animals. I get engulfed by deep anguish when I see them in such harrowing times. Strange ways of god………..but I feel grateful to him for what he bestowed upon me.
Rains are a true celebration for me.


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