Thalaivar- a phenomenon



Am just dying to watch Sivaji. and my brother ditched me too. He watched it last night (second show) and he messages me during the movie saying am watching it. Couldn’t wait for the weekend, I can imagine why?
Foe me it was ,Jale pe namak chidakna …………………..

The hysteria rajni’s movies create is unbelievable. I love watching him, he just cake-walks through all his roles, anything and everything. I go to watch his movies for his impeccable style and persona.He is absolutely unique. No body can even come closer and match his amazing screen presence and his punch dialogues, WOW. His off screen persona adds more brownie points to his sheer magnetism and charisma. He is a rock star, a very simple and humble person who can in a few minutes transform himself into the most stylish person we would have ever witnessed.He is a phenomenon yet humility personified.The sway he holds over our senses cannot be explained……………to hell with story line.

I feel we wouldn’t notice any other actor if he/she lined the same dialogues. Its not about dialogues, its about Rajni and his midas touch which makes them so powerful.
I would love and prefer to watch him in Tamil. Coz I do not like anybody else’s voice on him.
Not that these dubbing guys are bad at their job. But when I watch Rajni I want to hear him, only him.Coz anybody else just dilutes the effect, the mesmerizing effect.

I remember when I watched Basha I was in total awe of him and his famous dialogue
“Naan oru dhadavai sonna nooru dhadavai sonna madhiri.”
It still reverberates in my ears. Who can forget that?
That dash and verve at 57 , I lust to have it at 57 too……… 🙂
Am I asking for the moon here???


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