Life’s lows


We never write about them.

When happiness or sorrow , whichever hits me, my way out is to write. When I write about the issue which is bothering me, I feel relaxed, feel better. And I used to do it quite a lot when I was writing on paper (the old way before the computers invaded us-I still prefer it). Once I started blogging I realized that I write on varied topics ( good) but I don’t write about the lows of life at all.
Of course I don’t mean to say that one has to scream from rooftops when one has a problem. But what I meant is as humans we all know we have troubled times but all of us shy away from talking or indeed writing about them. Are we scared? But what are we scared of…… of people knowing our vulnerabilities, naive attitude….of rejection…..I ponder.
I have been going through a low phase, well from quite sometime. Sometimes it totally stresses me out. I feel happy and sad yet again at the same time. All in all I wish to get out of this situation soon.Want to venture out of the cocoon I have built. Want to to take charge of my life. I go through a gamut of emotions everyday and these rub off on my dear ones too.
But have no clue on how am gonna do all this??? But am determined to do it………………………….


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