Gluttony is no sin…


I am still waiting to take a sabbatical so that I can get to take up cooking full time and have a brand new food blog. I don’t really know when its gonna happen though…
I have cooked for quite a few years ( while I lived in Copenhagen) and had been successful too. My friends appreciated my skills whenever I whipped out some thing. But I hadn’t taken any pictures ( way back then I didn’t even know that these blogs existed). Why am I always the last person to know such things???
I feel food blog without pictures is similar to a Bollywood movie without a glamorous heroine. It isn’t interesting at all…………
Hence when am back to cooking(my mother deters me from entering her kitchen- she feels its her own space- and mothers always win…) , my culinary escapades will surely have a space on the web. So its surely gonna take time ,,,, waiting for my own kitchen,,,,,my space…………………
As mother so daughter…. 🙂


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