Jallanta Kavintha Kavali le


I don’t know why it happens this way. I mean I always have a plethora of topics to write about, but somehow am not able to do justice to them. I am not able to write as often as I would want to and have to. I would love to do it more regularly. And I feel so much better when I do that. For me writing and reading is therapeutic. When I write I feel happier, lighter, actually I feel great; feel on top of the world, that’s the right statement. 🙂

Its monsoon in Hyd now, the much awaited rains have made way into our dried lives. Oh my, feels so lovely. To wake up to a fresh morning and see green trees around you. It’s so blissful. It alleviates my mood. However testing life is I feel great just coz the weather is good. Especially after those grueling summers…………..

And when it rained for the first time last week, it was total ecstasy. I mean the cool breeze, the warm fragrance of mother earth. Hmmmm

And during this, all I can think of is the lovely song “jallantha kavvinta” from the Maestro Ilayaraja and visualized by the magical touch of Maniratnam. Just try doing this. It takes you to a different world all together. I have been listening to the song since ages but it feels as fresh and new as ever. It just makes you want to dance wherever you are.
And if am else where also, I still am dancing in my mind ………….

I had been waiting, glued in to FM hoping that they will play this song one day. Well, I don’t listen to songs at office, so had to wait for the radio to do it. And yesterday was that lucky day. Alas, I had to get out of the cab (reached office) by the time the song started to play.

But courtesy Priyanka , I now have the song on my mobile. Thanks Priyanka. So when the weather is lovely you know what’s playing on my mobile…….:)

Here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP6F9ApUZ2w




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