God loves us more in summer!


Isn’t that so??? Why else would we have mangoes and jasmine only during this season.
Summer brings different feelings to people in different continents. I’ve witnessed this very closely.
In Europe summer is a season to go vacationing, rejoice and just lay back and enjoy the weather. Its a season when people can wear what they like and walk with slip-ons, its a season to sit out and drink beer/coffee.Basically its lovely time.
In our sub-continent its a different ball game altogether. Its a dreaded season because of the scorching heat, water problems and humidity. But positively its also the season for the king of fruits” Mango” and for those lovely flowers ” Jasmine” and I also personally like “Virajaji” a lot. Don’t know what its called in English. I feel when god made summer he also gifted these special treats so that one does not complain on summer. Well, I actually look forward for summer for these fruits and flowers. And I literally gorge on mangoes all through, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. And coming to flowers, when I look at them itself I go berserk. They are so lovely (white and green fresh ones) and their perfume lingers on.Awesome. But I don’t know why I never buy them for myself and wear them. Wonder what stops me, couldn’t figure it out myself?? But they are beautiful, just wonderful. God loves us! Hurray.

Note: And here I want to mention ( agreed its out of place)about a lovely book that I read quite some time ago. Its called ” The Mango season” and is written by Amulya malladi. Its a very simple, well written book and is so impressive that one actually gets into the character ( main protagonist-Priya Rao’s) role. Its worth reading.Its about summer, mangoes, hyderabad, US, love marriage, Indian traditions


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  1. Hey Sweet one…
    Summer ……I use to feel there is only heat heat everywhere …Especially now when there will be no summer holidays:(
    There are some special things which we enjoy only in summer…Hmm……summer is Sweet indeed:)

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