Weddings Galore!


Its that time of the year again, am talking about the wedding season which has hit an all time high blocking traffic and causing chaos. Whilst passing through the innumerable wedding halls/gardens which have mushroomed in the city to capitalize on this new craze of splurging all one has on a wedding, I can’t help but remain shocked. I mean why should anyone spend all their savings and also take every loan possible on a wedding. Will anybody remember about it after a week?? I don’t think so. Its termed celebration, but real celebration means happiness, satisfaction and we can’t trade money to get it. Its a real celebration when we have family and friends making the event memorable. we don’t necessarily have to invite the whole town (typical to Indian weddings)and register the fact that two people are married. Weddings are very private and hold a lot of emotions. Lets get away from making them an exhibition.Its a celebration of the fact that two people are in love and want to live together forever. Let it be warm and simple. I still feel the best weddings are the ones which are performed at one’s homes or at temples. Its all about emotions, lets not materialize them. Its a sad thing that success is mostly measured with financial status.
And there is no necessity to get away with all the hard earned money one has on a 3-day party. After all its celebration of love and start of a new journey, not an opportunity to display one’s materialistic possessions. The money can help the couple in times of need. So stack it away wisely and enjoy the moment. Isn’t a happy wedding more beautiful than an expensive wedding?


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