Cheeni kum


In case you are wondering what does the title mean, let me tell you its the title of a Hindi movie ( not released yet). Am not quite a movie buff but this movie seems interesting and fresh. After a long time watching the promos and the star cast of any movie, I decide to watch it. It seems like an intelligent, matured romantic comedy. I use the word intelligent&mature coz they are a rare flavor in our movies (esp love stories). Most of them are the ghisa-pita types. Sometimes I wonder how could the producer even finance such crap. I mean how could someone put their money into them.
Cheeni kum stars Amitabh, Tabu and Paresh rawal. And Amitabh is a chef and falls in love with Tabu. This seems more realistic than those stupid , senseless teeny-weeny mushy love stories. At least once in a while the audience needs to get a taste of reality. Hoping that the movie will be as effective as the promos, I await its release.


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