Oh no, Another meeting!!!


Its time for another meeting,Duh. Gosh, these meetings. I feel so unmotivated to attend them most of the times, especially the long ones. I feel most of the times there is no conclusion to them. And it usually stresses me. I mean those long hours of uninteresting talk. And we have quite a lot of them. Ok Ok, I agree we need to be in sync and get to know what everybody is doing, discuss important issues etc. Am not against meetings, trust me am not, what I am against is too many of them especially when its unnecessary. And most of them would agree with me on this. But as they say everything comes with a price, and my job demands me to attend these meetings,hmmmm. Long time ago somewhere I read this definition about a meeting ” A place where everybody assembles, discusses and later collectively decide that nothing can be done about it (about the issue)”. Isn’t it true a large number of times? And most of the managers usually walk-in and walk-out of innumerable meetings daily. It must be such a stress. I mean to collect your thoughts after every boring meeting. Well, I know its all a part of the game and the only way out is to play it successfully. But all I say is let the game be fun and interesting too… What say???


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