Kya ab mujhse shaadi karogi?


Well, this is no review of any romantic bollywood movie where viewers are tired of listening to this ghisa-pita dialogue (since times immemorial).

Its a chicken wholesaler’s advertising caption. Well, doesn’t seem relative , I agree. And thats the reason why its been mentioned here. Coz its utterly stupid.:)

Since a few months I have been looking at these new hoardings put up at various parts of the city by “Vencobb Chicken”.
These advertisements have been the most silliest and stupidest I have ever seen.
One of them shows a teenage girl taking on the phone and having a plate full of chicken dumplings beside her, another one shows a really lanky , nerdy high school guy holding a piece of meat ( not eating, just holding) and saying “Taste I am crazy for”. Well, I agree its silly and these are the most tasteless ads I have ever noticed. I just couldn’t understand which advertising company came out with such unbelievable ideas and how did these Vencobb guys even approve them.
Now comes the most stupidest one, sabhi ads ka Baap hain yeh…
This one has a very modern looking guy and girl on the hoarding. And the “romantic guy”is starry eyed and is seen holding a Chicken leg piece and proposing to the posh girl saying “Kya ab mujhse shaadi karogi?”. Well, yeah,I double-checked the ad, it is and trust me it is a chicken leg piece.Am sure.
And my reaction was Yuck, Yuck, Yuck, yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
I can’t even say its unromantic, its a far cry from that. Its just plain disgusting. I just couldn’t stop laughing imagining the meeting when this advertising company goes with this brilliant idea to these chicken wholesaler guy . And the chicken wholesaler is bowled over with such an innovative campaign. How can anybody be so stupid and tasteless?? I bet no guy would ever try this with any girl coz am sure they know what will be the outcome. Forget even about the outcome, how can somebody be so weird?? thats my question. Isn’t it a test for plain commonsense?
Its so stupid and Yuck.
What does the ad mean? The guy had tried innumerable ways to woo the girl and finally he proposes to her with this piece of meat (holding it in pride as if its a diamond ring from tiffany’s). well, had to say this coz he says (kya “”ab”” mujhse shaadi karogi) and the girl is ever blushing in the ad. Oh god, these guys really need a reality check. Does anyone beg to disagree?? Am sure none.


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