And they are married now!


A lot of speculation has been happening since a long time upon “will they or wont they?” Its about Abhishek and Aishwarya. And finally they are married.
Personally in my opinion Abhishek could have done better.But anyways matters of heart are very personal and unpredictable.
The wedding created a lot of mass hysteria and the media went total frenzy over this event calling it as the wedding of the year!!Huh
And the very next day there were pictures of the very private marriage all over the place. Amitabh Bachan was very angry and disappointed coz the wedding was supposed to be very private and this picture display hurt the family’s sentiments. But Mr. Bachan didn’t you guys know this would happen. Don’t tell me that. And I feel they wanted this to happen too.
Usually these stars always want to be photographed, written about. Indeed, they are always hungry for exposure and crave for attention. I agree its a personal choice to have a private wedding but people who enjoy such adulation cannot demand that. When you are a public figure you can’t expect to go into private mode at your whim and fancy. I think it was more of a publicity gig (to keep the wedding private), since normal human tendency is such that people usually want to venture into the prohibited. As this gives rise to more anxiety. So more popularity.
And if they really meant to keep it so very private they wouldn’t in the first place sell the wedding rights to some magazine at astronomical prices. Well, thats commercializing the wedding far too much.
On the contrary,a few pictures should not hurt any sentiments.These stars go out of their way in promoting events and posing for pictures. And I don’t see any point in saying its a private wedding. If they wanted it to be so very private they should have announced to the world that they are married (after a secret wedding). Makes sense!
And again the very next day there were pictures in all leading dailies showing the couple visiting Tirupati. What really made me wonder is why are these pictures not kept private??? What do they want to show to the world? That they are very religious and very normal like any other person. Another publicity gig??
I mean, these two actors act in the cheesiest Indian movies, say the weirdest dialogue, show skin (lots of it lately) .
Is it a part of the brand image they are trying to build as a couple?Coz personally I feel the dichotomy of these actors living a sinful life by all accounts–money, fame, fortune and other unspeakable stuff, and yet praying at every temple they can find feels a little contrived.
Anyway, I wish them All the Best!!!!(and good luck with endorsements. HEHEHE)


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