Summer reminds me of…………………


Well, am extremely fond of cycling.I just love it. While leaving Copenhagen the hardest thing to part with was my Bicycle. So, I made sure that it goes to somebody who will look after it nicely.
Summers always remind me of bicycles. During school holidays that was the most exciting hobby for me. Initially I started it out by renting the bicycle. Yeah, all of them in all sizes were available on rent for around Rs2/- per hour. And I would rent it out daily( dad pampered me :)).It was such a luxury. Later on I owned a BSA SLR. And I would proudly cycle it to school daily. And one fine day it had to go coz I joined college ( which was very far away-couldn’t bike) and by then it also got old. Talk of shortlived pleasures.
And then when I landed in copenhagen I went berserk looking at people on bicycles. And I was ecstatic. My oh my, not only do they bike daily but they also have a separate track all over the country for bikers. Time for biking again. So when I could afford it ( yeah they are very expensive) I went and bought myself a Bicycle ( a normal one). And it was with me through thick and thin, bad/good weather. took me to office, university, shopping and whereever !!!!
I also took part in a 50 km bike race organized for all the employees in Denmark as a charity event. And though I lost the route in between, I got to see the most amazing country side. Can never get over the beauty of those fields.
I really miss biking in Hyderabad. can’t imagine doing it in this traffic.Duh. Only if things were different I would love to bike to office now too.


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