So called Indian culture and traditions!


We always sell ourselves to the world talking about our rich culture and heritage. But personally I don’t see any rich culture here, though I wouldn’t want to comment on our heritage coz am an amateur in that . But I feel during this whole marketing funda, some where that humanness which is very essential is lost. We forget the basic rule of life “LIVE AND LET LIVE”. And who made this culture. It was we people a while ago. these were made to bring stability in society during those times. But as times change situations change too. So I feel most of them do not make any sense now. And many young people today are curbed of their basic rights and simple pleasures by this culture talk. I feel its more of a device used for emotionally blackmailing when there can’t be logic in an argument. What ultimately happens is human relations get complex. Life and its countless challenges are already very complicated , why make it even more unmanageable with all these silly issues. Why don’t we deal with any situation rationally and more important humanly. Why we do we have to get dramatic and offended and give this culture talk. Ultimately every single soul wants to be happy and see their loved ones happy and content too. Isn’t it?But many a time with this culture and traditions we hurt them quite a lot. Is it really necessary?
What is more important: people or traditions? Why do we hurt people in the name of traditions (which are in turn made by people themselves)? I fail to understand this. And it hurts me too……..these culture claws………Guess its time for another Revolution.


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