Telecommuting Vs Importance of being there.


Work from Home.
Does it ring a bell.One gets to see a lot of this in the industry I work for. I had done it a couple of times too, but didn’t quite enjoy it. Perhaps because I got bored being alone at home. But now I feel I would like it. partly because the traffic disgusts me and sometimes my presence is needed at home. So now, I believe its a nice option especially for women who need to multitask. Kudos to telecommuting.
When I had been thinking about this I was wondering how different it can be for different people. I mean from my perspective and my career goals I would prefer to work from home later in life. Well, I also agree its also important to be at office to communicate and make one’s presence felt.
For some, telecommuting can be ideal and for some it could be a total disaster especially if you want to climb the corporate ladder.For a person who wants to lead and get into serious people management his/her presence needs to be felt.
If one wants to lead it can’t be done from home. People need to build confidence on you. They need to see how calm you stay in a PR crisis, how decent you are to new employees who don’t have a hang of thing, how much you sweat during a tough deal, and how hard you work on a deadline without bitching and moaning. Or how you don’t do any or all of the above. 🙂
The whole point is about face time. Presence is very important. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the person leading has to be the star during every “crucible” moment at the office. But what their presence says is : Work is my top priority, I’m committed to this company. I want to lead. And I can.
Working remotely may be ideal for one’s lifestyle but it can’t phone in real leadership.

Anyways all said and done,personally I would value lifestyle flexibility over career growth. Its just fine with me. After all “Who needs to be a CEO?” At least I don’t.


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