Those promises made to myself! Huh


Well, its been a month since I wrote anything. This doesn’t impress me. I promised myself to be more regular but somehow…………….., hmm. Its partly because of work and partly coz life has been quite testing too. Whatever, this time i’ll try being more regular, no promises. 🙂

While writing this blog all I can think of about is the list of to-do’s (list keeps adding and substracting too)which I promised myself . Few of them could be accomplished 🙂 and few are still waiting to take form. Anyways, this is what I wish ( well here I am not mentioning the spiritual destinations which i yearn to attain) to have.

  1. To teach technical stuff , my top-most (not so secret) desire.
  2. To bake, I just love baking. Want to stay at home for a while and bake full time. Can’t wait to buy an oven.
  3. To travel extensively throughout India especially Devbagh.
  4. To go on a cruise to Alaska.
  5. Visit singapore, langkawi, mauritus.
  6. Get a United colors of Benetton T-shirt.
  7. Have enough money to buy every lovely saree I see:)
  8. To block print whenever I wish to.
  9. Buy Amrapali kundan jewellery especially silver anklets.
  10. Own a lovely kitchen. Well, I love cooking.
  11. To find time to get back to dancing.
  12. Able to bicycle whenever I wish.
  13. Own a Honda.
  14. A lovely white dress.
  15. A girly white top.
  16. Learn to swim.
  17. Get myself a pair of Diesel and Esprit jeans. ( I always could but dont know why I didn’t, anyways…….)
  18. Adopt a dog.
  19. Have a perfect figure with correct body fat ratio.
  20. Speak at a technical conference.
  21. Work for an old age home.
  22. Not have to go to office when the weather is awesome.
  23. Own a simple &lovely house with a nice garden.
  24. And always make others around me happy!!!

Well, the list can go onnnnnnnnn! and there are other wishes which I can’t publish……
Anyways I just need to get going.Hmmm


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