Hey,How do you do??


Its been quite sometime I heard this. Now-a-days when you meet somebody the welcome note always goes like this, Hey, you lost weight?? or Hey, you put on some pounds??
And people who are just hi-bye types also say this. Its quite uncomfortable.
Isn’t it bizarre?? Our weight gains more prominence than US !
I feel we are just going overboard with the weight fixation. Its just a number.
I never ever felt this craze abroad.
And now-a-days young girls suffering from anorexia and bulimia troubles me. Its important to realize that everybody has a different body type. And we shouldn’t ape anybody.
Why are we doing this to ourselves?? Why are we falling prey to the vicious cycle media is creating?? Indian stores & designers have advertisements which display pencil-thin firang models sashaying in their clothes. How is it relative to Indian market??? I fail to understand this.
It high time, we ignore it.
Its important to be healthy. And to live life to the fullest rather than bother about such things.
As I always feel, What I do with my body is my own business!!!
And GOD made an obvious choice my making me the way I am. As long as my limbs work, I shouldn’t complain !


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  1. well thought…
    don you find parallels here in other things too…
    people try to make a pseudo fashion statement with their clothes,cars..and worst of all Cell phones?
    its just that I find a cell phone a piece to communicate..but Joe Schmuck might see it as an ornament?? Same way theyd rather be anorexic unhealthy and yet be called good lookin than otherway round…!!

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