My date with block printing


Well, I addressed it as a date coz I love it.
This has been a long time wish. And finally its fulfilled ( All credit to Sandhya- you rock girl).
I have been wanting to do this from years unknown. I am a huge fan of natural fabrics and that too block printed ones. well, It easy to figure out,almost 90% of my wardrobe consists of them.
I previously got an opportunity to learn block-printing but work was so hectic I couldn’t manage time for that. So now one of my dear friend staring teaching us. The first session(hehe) went very well. And I am eagerly looking forward for the rest of them. I am writing this here coz its something that brings me immense joy. Its a dream hobby and I pursue this with my friends. So its like icing on the cake. Here is my first little design(It has 3 print techniques behind it). Its not a design as such but whatever……am elated. Thanks Sandhya- you really deserve a treat.


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