We are the Ocassion!


Hmm, Its Women’s day today. Though I don’t really believe in these days business, I feel its a nice way of having fun ( on the pretext of the special day) and anyway we go through so much of stress in everyday lives that any small ocassion to celebrate should be fully utilized.
Last night while I was flipping through the newspaper and noticed a large ad ( almost half of the paper) saying Celebrate Women’s day and it caught my fancy. So I went through the details and my reaction was ” Whatttttttttt Crap?”. I’ll tell you why.
Its an advertisement by a Super bazaar saying celebrate women’s day and they have some special offers exclusively for women. Sounds interesting ??? Initially it did …………..
They have special discounts on
Horlicks, clothes, vegetables, kitchen utensils, towels, bedsheets, fruits, saris etc ( on the same lines)
Now you understand my reaction!!! It sounded cheap to me, I mean its very degrading. At that moment, I wanted to give the owner of the store ( am sure its a MAN) a piece of my mind.
How dare he demean us. Its disgusting.
I mean its a day to celebrate every women’s talents and dreams. And every woman is worth much more than buying vegetables etc.
If he really wanted to celebrate it he should have given half a day’s leave to all his female employees. Am sure he will not do that. I can bet on it.
But at least respect them. Don’t treat them this worthless. Women have immense strength which surpasses men. And everybody agrees with that.
Though I can’t wage a war on this, I in my own way decided to defend it. I PROMISED NOT TO ENTER THAT STORE EVER AGAIN! And am already feeling good about it.


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  1. Hey i do with stand with u in this regard …. but dear not every person (Man….Pice of thought is not same) here i do not concur on what u think…. i respect and support women to step a head and make their position ….. but not to have the same opinion to degrade Man or take benefit of the opportunity when man is open to hold up women…. This termination cannot be debated coz both MAN & WOMAN are equally accountable for their act ….. so nor im in act of kindness for those devil mind Men & women

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