Carlsberg Nostalgia !


While I thought of writing this is always what i wanted to write first.
Its been over an year since I went through this but I still can feel it right now. I doubt if I can ever forget or get over this.
Well, am talking about my last ride from Valby( where I lived) to Copengahen central ( where I worked). I used to bike (cycle) to office daily. And to make the medium distance short I used to take a route which goes via Rahbeks Alle(where the famous carlsberg brewery) is situated. While I took this route for the first time, the strong stench of the brewery(malt) made me nauseatic. I hated it, but I still took it daily since the ride was very enjoyable. I had to go down the hill and just loved it.the cold, fresh air hitting onto my face early in the morning was very blissful. So though the stench put me off I still took the route. After a few months though, I could bear the stench, it didn’t leave me nauseatic anymore. It became more of a routine by then.And months passed on.
It was my last day to work. I resigned. I loved being there, but wanted to get back home. I knew I would miss everything there, but am quite deep rooted and I made the decision.
And surprisingly while I was taking that route, I felt very sad and nostalgic.The feeling that I wouldn’t be smelling that stench anymore hurt me. I was shocked, Was this me???
Never did I expect I would feel this way. Sometimes I shock myself! I miss Carlsberg. I am a teeto-taller but I still miss carlsberg for emotional reasons.Strange!!! MISS YOU.


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