Blog revisited


I dont understand why but writing on a computer doesn’t attract me. I love to write, but love it when its on paper(reminds me of the innumerable letters I used to churn out- Hope my friends loved them). I also have some thoughts which are written and published in my mind, and they reside there forever. So sometime ago I promised myself that this is not done. Its time to do something about it. After all my brain can’t be such a huge database.
Though it doesn’t attract me, I wanted to go by the tide and started to blog. And after almost half an year I am still struggling to keep that promise. Its always like,there’s an other day types.
But today I felt, its high time. So here I go……………………..


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  1. hmm… happens with everybody yaar!
    writing is a mental block, but once u r over it, then it ur expression, it is ur identity. So, have an identity:)

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